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At Simply Therapy, we understand the challenges and concerns that come with raising a child who may need extra support. With over 30 years of combined experience in speech-language pathology, Trina Pryor and Jill Payne, our dedicated owners, have built a practice centered around empathy, expertise, and excellence. As mothers themselves, they intimately comprehend the journey of parenting a child with ADHD, dyslexia, or auditory processing disorder. This personal understanding fuels our commitment to providing comprehensive therapy services tailored to each child's unique needs.


With a team of over 10 speech, occupational, and tutoring professionals, Simply Therapy offers a holistic approach to supporting your child's development. Whether it's enhancing communication skills, improving motor function, or boosting academic performance, our therapists are equipped with the knowledge and compassion to guide your child towards success. We believe in the power of play-based therapy, where learning feels like fun and progress is celebrated at every milestone.

Empowering Families, Transforming Lives

At Simply Therapy, we prioritize not only the growth of your child but also the well-being of your entire family. We recognize that seeking therapy services can feel overwhelming, which is why we're here to ease your load. From the moment you reach out to us, we'll provide a seamless evaluation process and personalized treatment plan designed to meet your child's specific goals. Don't wait to take the first step towards unlocking your child's full potential—call us today to schedule an evaluation and embark on this transformative journey with Simply Therapy.

1512 Frederica Street
Owensboro, Kentucky 42301
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